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Head up display (HUD)   
1、 Brand:  SINCO TECH
2、 Item NO : DO902
3、 Display Model: digital
4、 Application: vehicle that meets the  OBDI or OBDII standards
5、 Operating Voltage: DC 9~16V( 12VDC/70mA)
6、 Alarm sound: 30db
7.Accessories: 1 X Host machine of HUD
1X installation stand
1 X Reflecting film
1 X OBD connecting line
1X instruction book

Instruction Manual

1. Powering on of instrument. Insert the plug of the instrument to the vehicle's OBD interface (It is generally located on the lower left of the instrument board and upper right of the pedal.)and then switch on the power switch of the instrument. At this moment, all lights are on.
Turn the key switch of the vehicle to "ON" position to switch on the power supply of the whole vehicle; when the communication between the instrument and the engine is established, the instrument will give a beep and then enter the display mode (speed or voltage mode) set at last time. If the engine is not started at this time, the instrument will enter the sleep mode in 6 seconds. If the communication between the instrument and the engine cannot be established for a long time, the instrument will give three beeps before entering the sleep mode.
2. When the engine is started, the instrument will detect this operation and enter the working state automatically.
3. The instrument includes three buttons, namely  "Alarm" button,  “prompt” button and voltage button from left to right in turn. The  button is used to switch the modes cyclically between the speed display mode and voltage display mode.
In the vehicle speed mode, “KM/H” light is on; while in the voltage display mode, the “ V” light is on.
4. In the vehicle speed mode, the following alarm speeds can be set in turn by pressing the  button: 80, 90,100, in turn, 110, 120 and 0. When the speed is set as other speed except for “0”, the  "Alarm " indicator light is on. When the speed reaches the set alarm speed, the instrument continues to beep. If the vehicle speed is set “0”, it means shutting down the alarm prompt and the   "Alarm" indicator light is off.
5. The  button is used to set the prompt for the whole vehicle speed. Click this button once to start the function and repeat the operation to shut down the function. When the function is activated,  the whole vehicle speed prompt light is on. Take “Speed of 60” for example, when the vehicle speed is within 57-58 km/h, the whole vehicle speed prompt light is green; when the speed is within 59 -60 km/h, the light is red; when the speed reach 60 km/h, the instrument will give a beep. In order to prevent the instrument from continuous beep when the speed reach 60 km/h, the instrument will give two beeps when the speed reaches 100 km/h, and three beeps when 110 km/h, continuous beep when greater than or equal to 120 km/h.
6. When the engine is turned off, the instrument automatically enters a sleep state. If you do not use the car for a long time, it is recommended to close the power switch.
7. In a sleep state, the instrument displays the battery voltage when pressing any key. When there is no button operation within five seconds, the instrument automatically enters the sleep mode.
8. The luminance of the instrument will automatically change as the ambient light. When the "Night mode" indicator light is on, it means the night mode is activated.
9. When the instrument is powered on for the first time, the vehicle speed will be displayed by default and simultaneously both the speeding alarm and the whole vehicle speed alarm are closed.


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